Monday, September 5, 2011

DBFree MMA Has Finally Launched

I suppose an appropriate way to start the blog for DBFree MMA is with an explanation of how all of this got started. It's pretty simple, I consider myself a massive fan of MMA but also a pretty sensible dresser. So obviously I found my MMA fandom at odds with the completely atrocious look of 99% of mixed martial arts clothing. I couldn't understand how anyone can look at the skulls, chains, and gothic stylings of some companies or the obnoxious phrasing on others, and think "Hell yeah bro, that's the shirt for me".
Then I was struck with a bit of inspiration after spending a lot of time on Sherdog and invariably seeing "The" Rashad Evans picture over and over again. I decided to get it turned into a tee-shirt for myself. I loved the idea that I could wear something that a hardcore MMA fan thought was awesome but that a person walking down the street wouldn't think twice about. And you know what? It worked. All of my non-mma friends assumed it was just the kind of random or ironic shirt that you find at Urban Outfitters. But I would have complete strangers walking up to me at bars or at the mall asking "Holy shit! Is that the Rashad picture?".
Eventually enough people gave me positive feedback or asked where I bought the shirt that I decided to make more. At the same time I started racking my brain to come up with more designs that fit the mold of cult classics to MMA fans, but simultaneously looked like any of the trendy ironic tee-shirts that you find at any popular store. So it eventually came down to the three shirts for sale right now on my site, but trust me, there are a lot more great ones coming, enjoy!

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